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Think FEMA grant rules are hard to understand? Make it a game!

Avoid the number one failure that causes the DHS OIG to recommend grant clawback, and keep your hard-won grant funds working in your community. There are 11 essential steps to executing a large purchase following grant management best practices. With this checklist, you'll make sure you're doing them all, and collecting the documentation you need. Provided in a handy, flashcard style, these materials will help you learn how to manage your federal grants effectively.

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Let's Rebuild Better, Together.

Disasters happen. How your community responds in the recovery period often has long-lasting repercussions, for good or ill. We want all communities in America to have the tools and funding they need to Rebuild Better.

One of the biggest areas of failure to recover is lack of ability to work successfully within the FEMA grant structure, rules and regulations. Approximately 75% of grant recipients fail to manage their grant funds within the confines of the laws that govern those funds, leaving them at risk failing to receive adquate assistance, being asked to repay federal grant funds, experiencing negative local tax impacts and more. It's not your fault! You're often dealing with convoluted, detailed rules and moving targets.

We want to help. By turning FEMA grant management into a game, we make the biggest concepts, guidelines and pitfalls easy to understand and share with your team. If we all thrive, we all win. It is our hope that we can all Rebuild Better, together.

Learn to navigate the FEMA rules and regulations, painlessly.

Get your FREE copy of Competitive Procurement: Hints & Hacks, and learn how to avoid the grant management pitfalls related to procurement and expense reporting. We'll keep you updated with additional free training aids as well.

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